re: dear internet... remember when was fun? by Iseult

January 01, 2013 05:58 AM

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Dear Internet,

Do you remember when there was a community of people from all around the world who used to ask questions, share advice and wacky/ witty comments?

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Sure do, and I miss it! (5 votes)

Sure do, but I'm over it. (0 votes)

Nope, but that would be cool! (0 votes)

No. (0 votes)

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  • alex says:


    I miss all the people most.

    Jan 04, 2013 10:28 PM
  • stinky says:


    Jan 14, 2013 11:06 PM
  • Lynn says:

    I may have to drop in from time to time and cause some trouble. :)

    Aug 05, 2013 06:18 AM
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