site help

(aka faqs)

  • what kinds of questions should/shouldn't I ask?

    funny ones, serious ones, personal ones, we don't mind. As long as they're not offensive (as deemed by users and moderators), you can ask them. See also what is the moderator policy on closing/deleting questions?
  • what is metavoting, and why should I do it?

    metavoting is a vote on the quality of a question. Questions with highly positive scores are considered "good" questions, whereas questions with highly negative scores are considered "bad" questions. Bad questions are automatically removed from rotation in the answer-o-matic and may be removed from the new question index on the main page.
  • what is the deal with the star icon?

    the star icon, which we like to call starman, visually distinguishes questions that have very high meta scores.
  • what are tags?

    tags are small phrases that categorize or describe the contents of a question.
  • what makes a good tag?

    the best tags are short phrases of one or two words. They clearly describe or categorize the question. Usually tags should be in the plural.
  • what are voting periods?

    voting periods limit when a question can be answered. They allow question authors to ask time sensitive questions without being bothered by votes when the question is no longer relevant.
  • when should I use a voting period?

    voting periods should be used when a question is time sensitive. That is, you need the answer by a specific time, or when a question is no longer relevant after a certain date.
  • It says that voting for a question is closed, what’s the deal?

    This means the voting period for this question has ended. Feel free to comment on a closed question, but you cannot vote on it.
  • what are friends?

    Friends are people with whom you have a relationship of some sort. In the future the friend relationship will become more interesting with the added ability to communicate with and poll only your friends.
  • what are profile messages?

    Profile messages are messages left by other users on a user's profile page. They are public, anybody viewing a profile page can see the profile messages. They can be removed by both the message author and recipient.
  • I can’t log in, what should I do?

    first, you should request to change your password, then if you still can't login, you should contact us and let us know. (If you want help, you should include a valid email address and your username when you contact us.)
  • what is the moderator policy on closing/deleting questions?

    questions designed to start flaming will be closed. Questions aimed specifically at the moderators will also be closed (use the contact page to get our attention). Other than that, obscene and overly offensive questions will probably get closed or deleted. If a user has many questions that are closed, they will be banned from accessing
  • how can I report a troll?

    you should contact us.
  • I really wish did/didn’t do this cool/annoying thing, why doesn’t/does it do that?

    Contact us and let us know. We like suggestions, though sometimes it can take a while for a suggestion to be used, and sometimes it may not be used at all.